Recurrent IVF failure and “embryo ligation method” in advanced age

In vitro fertilization treatment can also benefit from different additional treatments according to the needs of the people. With these new treatment methods developed in recent years, pregnancy success rates are increasing. The most important detail in IVF is the embryo. The higher the quality of the embryo in IVF, the higher the chance of success, so the sperm to be taken from the mother and father should be healthy, the eggs should be healthy and have good embryos with unity. After this stage, the treatment will give better results and the woman will be more likely to become pregnant. Since the chance of success in IVF does not depend on a single factor, it is aimed to offer a better treatment with new methods. Embryo glue, which is one of these methods, is a solution to the problem of IVF failure and inability to have children at an advanced age.

What is Embryo Adhesive?

Embryo transfer is the most critical and sensitive stage in the IVF treatment process. Embryo glue is a scientifically proven method at the United States Center for Assisted Reproductive Techniques, a method used during transfer and supporting the implantation of the embryo in the uterus.
Embryo glue is a new culture medium used during embryo transfer. It has been scientifically proven that with the effect of a substance called hyaluronan, it increases the chance of the embryo attaching to the uterus. In fact, the most important role in this increase is played by the developments in embryo growth under laboratory conditions. In IVF applications, reproductive cells are combined in laboratory conditions, not in the mother's body, and embryos are grown in special fluids to mimic their development in the same mother's womb. Improvements in laboratory conditions are increasing day by day and in this case, it is directly reflected in the success of the treatment.
Embryo glue is the name of a special culture medium. This culture medium is the liquid that aids in the transfer of embryos to the uterus via the catheter. The main component of this liquid is the substance called Hyaluronan. Adding this substance to the embryo transfer culture fluid increases the chance of the embryos sticking to the uterine walls. Hyaluronan is a substance that has proven its importance in many branches of medicine so far and plays a role in the determination of intercellular connections and different unique properties of tissues.

How is Embryo Adhesive Applied and Who Is Suggested Embryo Adhesive?

Embryo glue has a rich content of 'Hyaluronan', a protein that is high in the uterus during embryo implantation and supports the implantation of the embryo. The embryo to be transferred to the uterus is kept in the embryo glue for about 30 minutes. Then, the transfer process is carried out in this liquid.
It is used especially in patients with recurrent IVF failure, in cases where the maternal age is over 39, and in cases where the embryo quality is not good depending on the egg or sperm.
Embryo glue significantly increases pregnancy rates. Studies have shown that it does not increase the risk of miscarriage or pregnancy complications, and the chances of getting pregnant with this method are greatly increased.
One of the most important points in treatment is to ensure quality egg cell development. At this point, it is necessary to choose the appropriate drug protocol and drug dose, to follow the egg development correctly and carefully, to make the cracking needle at the right time, to carry out the egg collection and embryo transfer processes in the healthiest way. .


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      We tried it out of curiosity. I am now 3 months pregnant. Thank you. I would definitely recommend. I believe it is beneficial.
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        Take it in your arms with health. Thank you. I will think about it.
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    It's really unbelievable, since there is such a thing, it wouldn't hurt to try.

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