Understanding male reproductive health problems

For spouses who want to have children, the investigation of the current problem begins with a detailed examination of sperm in men. Detailed examination of the sperms taken from father-to-be guides shows which of the available treatment options should be selected. Male reproductive health problems can arise from a wide variety of causes. Among the most common reasons; There are varicocele, hormonal, genetic, childhood inflammatory diseases and related obstructions in sperm ducts, previous surgeries, congenital abnormalities, environmental causes. Understanding what the problem is will determine how IVF treatment will progress.

Is There a Cure for Male Infertility?

Initially, simple and more cause-oriented treatment options are preferred. If the problem can be detected, sometimes recovery is aimed by resorting to options such as drug therapy, varicocele surgery, duct obstruction treatment. If healthy sperm cannot be reached with these treatment options, the problem in men is partially corrected and assisted reproductive techniques are quite successful. In short, it is tried to increase the success of IVF with applications such as IVF, vaccination, sperm donation, TESE-TESA, ICSI (Microinjection), Microchip, and thus to ensure that the sperm obtained reach higher numbers and quality. Thanks to all these treatment options, male-related problems are eliminated and the probability of obtaining healthy and quality embryos increases significantly. This allows the fences in our IVF treatment to get rid of the repetitive IVF trials and reunite their healthy babies.


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    It's really something I've heard for the first time. Does it really increase your chances of success?
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      We tried it out of curiosity. I am now 3 months pregnant. Thank you. I would definitely recommend. I believe it is beneficial.
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        Take it in your arms with health. Thank you. I will think about it.
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    It's really unbelievable, since there is such a thing, it wouldn't hurt to try.

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