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The Nicosia IVF Centre delivers excellent IVF treatment success rates up to 90% coinciding app. 20 years of experience in all treatment modalities and is proud to offer the best patient treatment and care.

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Together, a Baby is Born!

With over 20 'Joy' babies in 15.000 countries, we have turned families' despair into happiness.
We have been serving for 16 years with the same quality understanding and ethical values ​​in our center in Nicosia, Cyprus. We believe in innovation, development, experience, teamwork and technological infrastructure in success, and we take our steps accordingly. That's why we say hello to a new Sevinç baby every day.


We understand how hard it can be to take that first step. When patients decide they’d like us to help them start a family, they receive the warmest welcome from the moment they walk through our door.

Our focus on each individual or couple and their physical and emotional well-being continue throughout their time with us - every patient in our care receives support and understanding not only at the beginning of their fertility treatment but at every step along the way.

Our custom-built lab uses the most advanced technologies and equipment to preserve the eggs and sperm in our care and ensure our teams have the perfect environment to create and monitor your embryos.

During your IVF journey, we provide personalized attention, individual treatment plan, free consultation from our experts, and free transfer at our center.

Services Offered

Discover our IVF treatment services.



In vitro fertilization is the process of putting the embryos formed through fertilization of egg cell & sperm cell together under laboratory conditions.

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Egg cells obtained by IVF are fertilized with sperm from the recipient woman's husband & the embryo is transfered to the recipient woman's uterus.

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Sperm donation is an IVF method applied for men who do not have sperm production or whose sperm structure is not sufficient to create a quality embryo.

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In order to perform embryo donation, first of all, a donor who will match the blood group and physical characteristics of the parents is sought.

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Family Health

PGD is the process of selecting only healthy embryos and transferring them to the mother after genetic testing of embryos is performed during IVF.

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TESE & TESA procedures are surgical methods using local anesthesia recommended for men who do not have viable sperm cells in their semen.

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Egg freezing is the freezing eggs cells taken from the woman in a laboratory. Eggs frozen in our center can be reused with 95% success when thawed.

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Embryo freezing is the freezing of embryos in a laboratory environment with a special process. We offer the chance for a second baby and sibling.

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IUI is the process of transferring sperm cells to the expectant mother in laboratory conditions. Quality of the sperm allows them reach the egg easily.

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It's a process in which the embryo, formed by external fertilization (from mother & father), becomes pregnancy through the uterus of another mother.

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Highest success rate

Creating new chapters for families since 2006

90% fertility success rate

Lowest cost of procedures

Patients thoughts

App. 20 years of experience in making parenthood possible.

We met one year ago with Dr. MEK. I have seen too many doctors before. But years later, he became both a doctor and a father to us. I thank God first and then our doctor. Thanks to him and his team, I had 2 babies. I believe that he is the best doctor in Northern Cyprus.

Der*** H***

Thank you very much, my dear doctor Mehmet and his valuable team, for giving hope to my despair. You gave me this joy at the age of 53. Many expectant mothers like me should not lose hope. I wish that many families who are longing for a baby will meet you and be happy.

RA*** KIZ***

It was obvious from the approach of the staff before the treatment that the result would be positive. The sensitivity and knowledge of all staff made me feel good and my motivation increased. I had twin babies. Thank you to everyone who contributed.

Can*** T***

From the very beginning, we believed that the result would be positive thanks to the support and motivation of the employees. It was our first try and the result was positive 🥰 I also recommended the center and doctor to everyone around me. I am 2 months pregnant now.

Nes*** K***

I owe a big thank you to everyone and everything that provided me the means to meet Dr. Mehmet and his wonderful team. He and his team helped me meet my son, whom I had four years later. I hope everyone have this same experience with them….......

AY** C**

I'm waiting for a baby today, thanks to the eggs that were carefully collected and frozen years ago by Dr. Mehmet and his team. Heartfelt thanks to Doctor and his team :)


We were very satisfied. We are waiting for our second child, thanks to God first, then Dr. MEK. we would like to thank all of the staff working there.

SA*** C***

I was very satisfied with the IVF treatment with Dr.MEK at the center. I recommend it to everyone. It is a very good center with very caring staff.

Ülk*** G***

I felt at home because of the close attention and relevance. I offer my endless respect and love to them and their colleagues. I wish them success in their future working life.

Ya**** A***

We are very satisfied. I am currently 8 weeks pregnant with twins. Relevance and ethical hospitality were very nice. We have full confidence in doctor.

SUL*** S***

I had IVF and I was satisfied. Most importantly, our doctor, who has a faithful and honest personality, is simply perfect.

Hat*** E****

Thank you for everything, the attention, the process and the result are very nice. A clinic that everyone should go to.

SİN*** Ç***

Words From Our Founder

Founder & Chief Physician

At Nicosia IVF Centre, we’re a warm, welcoming team of experienced fertility professionals. We all have the same shared vision for excellent patient care - it’s what makes us one of the most trusted and pioneer fertility centers in Northern Cyprus.

We get to know our patients - their journey becomes our journey, so everyone who comes to us feels reassured that they’ve chosen the right center.


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We’re honored to have been a pioneer center in Northern Cyprus, along with app. 20 years of experience. Watch our video to discover why our patients choose us.